ohio isn’t just for bad emo songs

2 05 2008

we came, we saw.. we ate chick-fil-a (why oh why aren’t you in NYC?!), and now we’re fatter for it. we just got back from ohio and life is WAY TOO BUSY FOR US TO HANDLE RIGHT NOW. we’re being swallowed by long hours of commuting and dentistry and show-seeing and interviewing and paper writing and commuting some more.. and GTA4? har har.

we shall be back, all in due time. we had an adventure! and now we’re tired.

since we’ve been gone:

b-52’s new album “funplex”! goldfinger new album “hello destiny”! we don’t have either of them because we suck! and we sure as hell don’t have MSI’s new release either. i know, we’re lame.

NOT. in the weeks to come..

THE GIRAFFES at bowery ballroom june 12!

GOLDFINGER at roseland ballroom june 26!

and all the way at the end of the summer.. ELECTRIC SIX ROCKS OFF CONCERT CRUISE AUGUST 14!

sweet jesus.

hopefully we’ll survive until then.. but just so you know, we’re not dead. zombified, maybe, but not dead.

we’ve got more rants to do and music to write about, oh yeah.

but first. LIFE. ugh.


rock steady,

– audrey


haha, now that i look back on it, both of us got pretty sick after that giraffes show. mm, germs.


New York University (Unit #80411)

Licensed Location
Weinstein Food Court
New York, NY 10003

figures the only chick-fil-a within 15 miles of me would be in NYU! FAGS! DON’T YOU HAVE ENOUGH?!?


ok i’m done. ;D




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