You’re Awesome, but Fuck You Man

11 04 2008

You know what I miss, Maddox from you know “The Best Page in the Universe.” More like “The most fucken formerly best page but it’s never updated anymore so really man what the fuck are you doing…Page in the Universe” seriously. Come on, we didn’t even get an April fools joke, (and it’s not when you say it is man, it’s April first!).

My message is simple, you can’t stay on top if you’re not doing anything! The few updates that I have seen have been great, (vagineye, great shit!) but really people will just stop caring, move on and forget all about you, unless you give them a reason otherwise. I can’t imagine giving up a fucken cult following based on nothing but your own talent, trust me if I had half the people coming here that Maddox gets even now with practically no updates for months, I’d fuck cum all over the nearest object.

Regardless, you’re a fucken inspiration and you are missed by many, but in fact I don’t think the people who hated you, even care any more… so fuck you.


000,004 people have visited this site. 2 of which are my mom

Update: well this really isn’t an update because I’m writing all this at the same time, I guess this isn’t really an update but whatever, I wrote this a while ago on paper, so I wanted to put it up, but I noticed a real update on Maddox’s site, keep it up man, don’t have us wait 5 months for another… seriously, DON’T.




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