CoSM: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

24 03 2008

After walking by it a good two or three times it’s hard to miss the flying banner of CoSM…Well let’s get to the basics…Which are far from basic.

For those who do not know CoSM = Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Alex Grey’s “Sacred Mirrors” depict (what I think) the transformation of the body and mind. So after finding the building and walking up the four stories past all the Latin clubs that reside within the same structure. WE MADE IT!!! I finally entered and walked past the statue with eyed wings… Then brought far past the sober minded area that we follow everyday…and taken to the the first place of interest, the “Sacred Mirrors.” A mind bending area, controlled by your own preconceptions, perceptions and sight. The Mirrors show you the human. Existing from the elements that make us, through the stages of reincarnation and finally to higher states of mind. Transforming to pure enlightenment and beyond.

The whole series is as mystifying as it is psychedelic.

Online you can watch each mirror transform into the next … creating a hallucinatory vision.

Although it is called the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, it contains much more than “Sacred Mirrors,” including many other works from Alex Grey and his wife Allyson Grey.

More to come, more unnecessary profanity

– Captain




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