12 03 2008


Lola Staar’s Dreamland Roller Rink will open March 22 in the Childs Restaurant Building!!!!

can you say.. AWESOME?!?!?!

from lola staar’s myspace:

“Lola’s Hot Pink Dreams Burst into Reality!!

Lola Staar’s owner, Dianna Carlin, has won an amazing contest sponsored by Glamour Magazine and Tommy Hilfiger!! In celebration of Tommy’s new fragrance, Dreaming, they hosted a contest to make someone’s ‘dream come true!!’ Dianna dreamt of transforming the enchanted, vacant, historical landmark building […] into a magical Roller Rink full of color, life, energy, art and fun.

Along with Taconic Investment Partners, Glamour and Tommy Hilfiger are helping her to transform this dream into a reality and filming a fabulous documentary movie about her exciting journey.

On March 22nd, the spectacular Childs Building will become Lola’s magical roller skating Dreamland!”

there is a free opening party from 6:00 PM – 12:00 PM but you have to RSVP.. hopefully sugar n thunder will get to be there!!

in any case – congrats to lola staar, we love you guys!

— audrey


so it does seem that the roller rink is a temporary installation for the spring and summer right now – taconic investment owns the childs building and plans to use it for a restaurant and entertainment hall. that doesn’t sound bad BUT, this is a roller rink, people! maybe if the rink drums up enough support it can stay? i can’t wait to see it. speaking of which, check out this awesome pic of the childs building actually open!




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