ahahaha: the giraffes & beyond race mag

22 02 2008

this is worth mentioning.

i don’t even know how long this has been up, but it reminds me yet again how much i love the giraffes. the sound is crazy because the venue was a SHITBOX (emphasis on the BOX.. the drumset couldn’t even fit on the “stage”!), but if anything, watch the interview at the end at 5:09 – it’s nothing short of PRICELESS (“i’ll punch snuffalufagus in the clit”). and let’s just say that the cap and i were two of the four to get ejected from the venue ;D

it was the week of the CMJ festival in which we sandwiched a night kills the day show in between two from the giraffes, the last being the “beyond race magazine” fall launch party (..what?) in this ridiculously TINY wannabe socialite/hipster-filled crapshack called the rockwood music hall (HALL????????????????). seriously, avoid it like the plague if you can. i really have no idea how so many tightwads got shoved into such a small space all at once, but long story short – it has been a longtime custom to throw beer at a giraffes show (although the gimmick has now run its course). i was particularly edgy because people were actually sitting at TABLES being completely hoity-toity while the giraffes were rocking out (let’s just say i don’t fare well in situations such as these..), so after the lead singer spewed a shot into the air, i grabbed a beer bottle from the table in front of me and splashed a little towards the stage. next thing i knew, my arm was seized by the BIG burly fellow gorilla looking out for punks like me (gasp!) and despite my efforts to resist (“you have to leave.” *pulls me towards him* “…NO!!!!” *pulls away* hahah), i got muscled out. i was BEYOND pissed off.. and watched the rest of the show through the plate glass window by hoisting myself up on the top bar of the scaffolding in front of the venue, with my feet dangling in the air.. like a lunatic.

in any case, it’s fun to laugh about it now. and the beyond race guy (in the video with the giraffes) was actually sincerely apologetic about us getting thrown out, and said he hoped that we didn’t hate him/the magazine. aw. don’t worry. next time you should just pay for the hipster dry-cleaning bills so we can all have some real fun. ;D

the giraffes @ rockwood music hall, 10/19/07
performing “sugarbomb” .. this was after we were gone, i believe.. haha.

aaron lazar (vox), damien paris (guitar), drew totolos (drums) & john rosenthal (bass)

and in other giraffes-related news, watch them perform “smoke machine,” a new track from their upcoming album on FEARLESS MUSIC TV tomorrow night (february 23rd) on FOX 5 at 12:30 AM. and since no one will probably see this in time, just go to the fearless music tv site or myspace and look up the vid, because it will probably be there after it airs on tv. DO IT!!!!!!!!!

the giraffes have talent spewing out of their assholes. uh.. yeah.

– audrey




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